WordPress SEO Services

Gear up your WordPress platform for the best SEO Results

Improve your targeting and online best practice to maximize industry market share and generate solid revenue. Implement our proven 3 stage methodology which has been created specifically for eCommerce businesses using the WordPress platform. Our methodology is greatly supported by our in house built technology to achieve best outcomes on your investment.


Strategy and planning phase for your online success. Includes extensive research on market share potential, buyer search behaviour & category hierarchy recommendations based on your current product range.

  • Digital identity alignment and market positioning agreed with your internal team. NOTE: 90% of the clients we get have misaligned identity and positioning.
  • Proposed website category hierarchy based on your product range and future plans.
  • Confirm project feasibility through outlining full non branded organic market potential based on total market impressions.
  • Discovering current search visibility.
  • Identifying project KPIs.
  • Forecast project milestones and expectations.

Development or consultation services to implement Google’s onsite guidelines & eCommerce best practice. During this phase extensive onsite work will be conducted to correct onsite targeting, as well as URLs and category hierarchy.

  • Category restructure (Over 90% of client projects required an entire category restructure) according to buyer search behaviour.
  • Crawlability and Indexability improvements.
  • Working on site speed and code optimisation where posible with internal or external develeoprs if available.
  • Main menu improvements. NOTE: Main menu should run independently to your category hierarchy.
  • Robots, x-tags, canonical tags alignment.
  • Structured data revision and possible enhancements suggestions.
  • H tags refinement across the site according to W3C conventions.
  • Category content adjustment according to targeted traffic per page, applies to existing category content only. NOTE: Category content is not a part of our process and that is to be discussed separately and on per project base.
  • Product URLs optimisation where possible using a subfolder.
  • Consolidating WordPress default review URLs, so the reviews will be part of the product page while indexing.
  • Installing customized bot tracker to monitor bot activities for improving crawl budgets and indexing issues.
  • Ad hoc improvements based on website development practices.

A combination of onsite, offsite promotional strategies and consultancy services; which enable Megantic to become your trusted eCommerce advisers to ensure long term market share and revenue growth.

  • Monthly tracking and reporting.
  • Ongoing support to align with the latest SEO practices and trends.
  • Ongoing offsite content creation and promotions.
  • Google analytics and search console monitoring.
  • Actioning improvement on crawlability and indexing issues based on technical stats.
  • Analysing 301 redirects and ongoing index cleaning.
  • Website speed improvements where possible.
  • Optimising URL parameters for search engine crawling.
  • Ongoing crawl budget optimisation.
  • Event, E-commerce and goal tracking setup.
  • CTR monitoring and optimisation.
  • Expanding the “impressions ring” based on new product opportunities.
  • Ongoing internal linking.
  • Product pages optimisation for long tail search terms and conversions.
  • Basic best practice conversion rate optimisation.
  • Actionable items for improving average sale.
  • Internal team support for capitalizing on specific sales events.
  • Suggest brand building exercises focusing on branded search term trends.
  • Proposing blog & buying guide topics to utilise internal and external content marketing resources.

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Duncan Black


An amazing team!

An amazing team! Megantic go above and beyond with everything they do. Unlike most companies in this field, Megantic put in an incredible amount of work into each task. We absolutely love their services and would recommend to anyone


Haider Cheema


Always available for a chat

Friendly, helpful and reliable service. Megantic team have been very easy to work with, always available for a chat. Eugenio is fantastic always depandable, great customer service. I highly recommend Megantic.


Anthony Vyner


100% increase in organic search

Thank you Megantic team for your SEO work on our company website. We had some great results with over 100% increase in organic search in the past 6 months, since we started working together. Your monthly reports are presented in a very friendly format that anyone can understand. I love the comparison with previous months, so I can always check how we are progressing. But it doesn't stop there, I can always get more in-depth explanation if I need it, as well as other help regarding online marketing.


Polyflor AU


Megantic are extremely knowledgeable

Megantic are extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise and are great to work with. They successfully assisted us with our website redevelopment and manage our SEO to which we are very happy with the results that have been achieved.


Steph Ting


You saved us!

Thanks again so much! You saved us!