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The Block Shop (TBS) is an eCommerce marketplace launched in 2012 enabling fans of the hit TV show to buy amazing products used in the show. Megantic has been growing TBS’s organic search channel since Mid 2017. Originally the platform was on Expression Engine and while it had some solid growth over the years, the untapped potential of the store was uncovered through market research of the product range. After the research was completed, we identified signification potential in untapped category segmentation. We also uncovered competing page that had to be consolidated to ensure future organic growth across the product range. After 2+ years we began to max out the potential of the current platform.


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  • eCommerce marketplace launched 2012
  • We’ve been growing their organic search since 2017
  • Our market research identified untapped potential in category segmentation
  • After 2+ years we had maximised growth on the Expression Engine (EE) platform

Our Approach

After 2+ years we began to max out the potential of the current platform and consulted with TBS on choosing the right platform that would provide even more future growth. Magento 2 (M2) was chosen as the best platform to meet both their internal business and digital marketing requirements to take them to the next level. A strategy unique to Magento was deployed.

The Magento migration focus between July to November 2019 was to:

  • Migrate SEO value from EE to M2.
  • Minimize Organic traffic risk for “The Block 2019”
  • Organic Growth for 2020 Using M2 functionalities.

The growth objectives were aimed for 100% Increase in non-branded keywords and traffic to double the transactions and revenue: Specific actions we undertook included;

  • Total category hierarch refurbishment to target new potential customers
  • Migration support
  • Enhanced faceted navigation converted to useful user-centric static pages
  • Massive URL changes and redirect handling
  • Multilevel structure implementation
  • Improved site crawlability and indexability
  • Launched onsite projects to support our work and improve UX
  • Link outreach to support onsite work
  • Blog expansion research

Year on Year Results

An increase of 288.48% non-branded clicks, 192K Monthly Sessions & thousands of relevant 1st page keywords to bring the SEMrush traffic share from 37.5k to 160.3K (a massive 326.50% increase)
Website Traffic Transactions Revenue


During the migration we successfully migrated SEO value from the platform change, minimised organic traffic risk and continued to grow organic traffic utilising the new platform’s functionalities.

In conjunction with The Block Shop team we were successfully able to deliver some truly incredible results we are extremely proud of grateful to have showcased in our award winning SEMrush submissions.

  • Highest ever pre-show organic traffic and revenue
  • Keyword with 1000+monthly searches grew from 113 to 348
  • 52% increase in YoY per session value
  • 74% increase in YoY conversion rate for 1st time mobile visitors
  • 49% increase in YoY conversion rate for return desktop visitors
  • 207% increase in 1st page 1000+ non-branded keywordsy
  • 80% increase in 1st page non-branded keywords
  • 326.5% increase in non branded traffic (SEMrush)
  • Google Search Console- non-branded increase
  • 144% impressions
  • 288% traffic
  • 498,000 traffic
  • 18.9M impressions
  • 60.35% increase full sessions, 73% 1st time mobile & 76% return desktop visits
  • 179.56% increase SEMrush estimated revenue (non branded)
  • Google Analytics- 180.39% increase in transactions, 240.57% increase in revenue
The Block Shop
5 Stars

Emma Garland Director

“The Block Shop has worked with Megantic since 2017 and they have been a trusted and valued partner ever since. Our business has enjoyed strong organic growth thanks to the hard work of Vancho and Harvey along with their team. I have no hesitation in recommending their services. Pls include 5 stars also :)”

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