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OCAM Industries provides affordable quality aftermarket 4×4 accessories to every 4×4 enthusiast. When OCAM Industries started with us in January 2017, they were heavily dependent on Ebay for their online sales and growing their organic search channel was a priority. They had very little branded presence online outside of the Ebay space and had only moved to Neto just over 6 months earlier.


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We knew it would be a challenge to compete in this category which is heavily dominated by brands that have been in the market for decades. However with a high number of impressions and an extensive product offering we knew we would be able to help improve OCAMs key metrics through our unique eCommerce strategy working on their Neto platform and have been supporting them for over 4 years

Our Approach

With a market of almost half a million monthly impressions we set about aligning the website identity to their product offering.

  • Extensive category segmentation by category, make and model
  • URL restructure | Custom Neto menu
  • Product description consistency
  • Clear product naming convention
  • Star ratings on search at product and category level
  • Ongoing consulting for branded organic growth
  • Ongoing consulting for increasing product and GMB reviews
  • Consistent link outreach

Year on Year Results

7 months after completing the restructure in March 2017 we started seeing very positive movements. Utilising brand segmentation for vehicle models and makes, we have been able to achieve some amazing numbers through the joint effort from the OCAM team and our technical approach.
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Grow both your branded and non branded organic search efforts concurrently and run a consistent campaign to achieve amazing results. Segmentation to a more granular level (in this instance vehicle models and makes) will open up more selling opportunities by landing educated customers directly on the right page for their search intent.

Ocam Industries
5 Stars

Peter, Managing Director

“We’ve been working with Megantic for 6 months. So far, we’re very pleased. The people are excellent to deal with, and results are on the board. We are happy to recommend Megantic!!”.

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