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LUXBMX is one of Australias’ leading online BMX stores with exclusive brands for both the casual rider and the BMX racer. Because of the strong brand association within the BMX community, our approach incorporated both non brand and brand targeting.


  • Extensive category segmentation.
  • URL restructure.
  • Improvement in filtering for mobile and desktop.
  • Effective use of Neto sidebar.
  • Crawling & indexing optimization.
  • BMX bike brand targeting.
  • Link outreach for priority categories.

Our Approach

The team at LUX already had a passionate customer base, therefore connecting to new customers across Australia was the obvious next step. The site needed category segmentation to enhance the shopping experience for users and to create pages easily indexable by crawlers. The Neto dynamic URLs were great for UX but were simply not effective for SEO targeting. Combining static URLs into the filterable sidebar provided both an improved shopping experience and a strategy for growing the Organic channel.
Expectedly, from a niche market project, the campaign started to see some real progress 6 months after implementation; which has helped the Organic channel growth to this day.

Year on Year Results

  • 1800+ Page 1 rankings
  • X2 Top 3 rankings.
  • X2 Impression growth.
  • Enhanced shopping experience by bike brand.
  • Improved UX for mobile and desktop.
  • Substantial growth in Users and Sessions.


Key Learnings: When you think you’ve maxed out your Organic reach, take our research based approach to grow your Neto site.


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