Organic search is in high demand and you can’t run a successful eCommerce business without investing properly in organic search. Megantic has the expertise of highly skilled & technically trained SEO specialists who will work on your business.

Organic search = the most dominant channel

organic channel

Which channel for best ROI?

On average in the last 12 months our clients invested $10.1M in paid ads, resulting in 14% cost. In contrast, the organic cost was as low as 2.24%, contributing to a 45.51% of the total revenue, which is 2.3x higher than the paid channel. Note: All other channels combined, contributed to 34.46% of the total revenue.


While we like to think our recipe for success is as top secret as Colonel Sanders 12 secret spices we have learn a few things in the past 10 years about how to success in our industry; Teamwork, Training, learning and development Customer First, transparency, accountability and honesty, Being innovative, Focussing on eCommerce and understanding what business owners need.

Our success is only as good as our team and we are firm believers in a full court press which is why we will assemble a team of 8 specialists to work on growing your revenue. When you join Megantic you are getting access to 8 specialists who’s complementary SEO skills will get you the very best ROI possible.

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We have had close to a decade of experience working on all of these and more with over 450+ past & current clients spanning 50+ industries and categories so our platform results are robust. If you would like to learn more about our experience and case studies please say hello!

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