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Paul Carroll offers a wide range of both men and women’s wide fit, orthotic footwear for both evening and everyday. In a variety of locations across Victoria and Western Australia. Paul Carroll moved away from Retail Express towards self-managed hosting and personal developers, where we took over the management of their organic channel.


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  • Effectively targeted gender attributes & main menu structure in Magento for the fashion industry.
  • Manage to keep the menu with Gender specific items, but keep gender as an attribute, so we can satisfy UX, customers and crawler bots.
  • Sidebar options to filter the products are easy to use and find what you need.
  • The main menu is customised while the categories are independent.
  • A great number of attributed pages arising from identity.

Our Approach

It took a great amount of time to research and define the target markets for their large product range. With this project, we solved the gender (Men’s and Women’s) targeting dilemma on Magento, a common issue that occurs in the fashion industry. Apart from some first and second level categories, most pages were best utilised as attributes for better targeting and user experience. Footwear and the whole fashion industry can be difficult to approach due to genders being a huge focal point, defining what is a category, what is an attribute and how to integrate user experience and indexing capabilities with Google being a major challenge.


  • Targeting over 7000 non-branded keywords and 1.5 million impressions.
  • Started from 0.2% search visibility and grew to 6.5% in 18 months for current target keywords (Moz Stats).
  • Organic revenue is consistently increasing and has improved x5.
  • ROI achieved within 6 months after implementation.


Key Learnings: Separate the menu from the hierarchy. Having your menu and categories run independently of each other will give you an edge in eCommerce.

Paul Carroll

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