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Tulio hit the market in 2014, establishing themselves online as a Ladies Fashion retailer. We started working with Tulio in 2018, commencing work on establishing a clear identity for the site and researching the market potential.


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Our research into this market was exploratory and we uncovered many new ways users were searching to buy online. The data uncovered over 50 new categories to target and identified a plethora of search terms that the ideal customer was using. With the new research we were able to establish a clear identity and more accurately target a segment of the market, which is generally dominated by a few key players.

Our Approach

After completing the restructure in June 2018 and utilizing the data as our blueprint for the campaign, daily impressions have more than quadrupled since the campaign began.

  • Comprehensive site wide research
  • SEO market alignment
  • URL restructure
  • SEO friendly Shopify urls
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Monitoring and execution
  • Ongoing consultation on growing the website and direction for targeting traffic

Year on Year Results
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Over the last 3 years since partnering with the Tulio founders we have helped them segment their online offering to really focus on their passion to deliver real fashion for real women with real bodies.

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