Our success is only as good as our team and we are firm believers in a full court press which is why we will assemble a team of 8 specialists to work on growing your revenue. When you join Megantic you are getting access to 8 specialists who’s complementary SEO skills will get you the very best ROI possible.

Our view of eCommerce

Being a company that was founded by Technical experts means that data is at the heart of everything we do! From our total market mapping we are able to identify new filters and categories which then become new pathways to your product pages. We use our broad expertise to continue to provide ongoing value, revenue and ROI as shown below


Value, revenue and ROI

Creating a technical bridge by building static urls will ensure pathways for consumers to click through to your store’s relevant product pages based on their search query. You need to create relevant indexable filters and category pages as they serve as entry points to your website.

return investment

For every click made from your home page you lose 7- 10% in conversions

Over 80% of traffic comes from first page of search engine results (SERPs)

The first 5 organic results account for close to 70% of clicks

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We have had close to a decade of experience working on all of these and more with over 450+ past & current clients spanning 50+ industries and categories so our platform results are robust. If you would like to learn more about our experience and case studies please say hello!

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