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Liteshop is a small business based in Sydney that sells all things LED lights, torches and flashlights. Formed in 2011, they are passionate about their product and providing impeccable customer service. Megantic began working with Liteshop in 2015, taking on a huge task of transporting the website platform away from Drupal and cleaning up questionable backlinks that were previously created by SEO companies without any significant growth or results.


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  • Identity alignment to Flashlights and LED Torches, which repositioned the business digitally and allowed them to benchmark against the right competitors.
  • Hierarchy improvement to target new markets and potential customers.
  • Improved category and brands targeting and implementation of faceted navigation.
  • Massive URL changes to suit our multi-level structure and concurrent redirects.
  • Improved speed, crawlability, indexability, JS and CSS minification, structured data, reviews, URL architecture, menu adjustments, etc.
  • Pushing reviews to structured data for products, categories, splash and attributed pages to improve visibility on SERPS and enhance CTR.

Our Approach

After battling with many of Drupal’s famous nodes, we fixed the website’s hierarchy, URL structure and supported it with a variety of backlinks; the campaign took off almost immediately. Following their initial growth, we moved them to the Magento platform that they are still on today. This was built by Megantic and included a fully comprehensive platform migration. Since the re-platform to Magento, the project has massively improved and the overall business prospered as a result.


  • 0x Growth in Impressions.
  • 5x Traffic Growth.
  • Increased Conversion Rate by 10%.
  • 15% drop in Average Sale, however, Transactions have tripled.
  • Massive Improvement in Website Speed.
  • Vastly Improved UX.
  • Thorough setup of all e-commerce tracking components.
  • Substantial improvement in User Engagement.
  • Steadily becoming a market leader.
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There are platforms that are not compatible with the functions required to successfully run an ecommerce business. Drupal is one of them.

Lite Shop

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