SEO for Shopify and Shopify Plus

Prepare The Shopify platform for what’s next

Improve your targeting and online best practice to maximize industry market share and generate solid revenue. Implement our proven 3 stage methodology which has been created specifically for eCommerce businesses using the Shopify platform.


Strategy and planning phase for your online success. Includes extensive research on market share potential, buyer search behaviour & category hierarchy recommendations based on your current product range.

  • Digital identity alignment and market positioning agreed with your internal team. NOTE: 90% of the clients we get have misaligned identity and positioning.
  • Proposed collection hierarchy and improve use of sidebar.
  • Confirm project feasibility through outlining full non branded organic market potential based on category and filter impressions.
  • Discovering current search visibility.
  • Identifying project KPIs.
  • Forecast project milestones and expectations.

Development or consultation services to implement Google’s onsite guidelines & eCommerce best practice. During this phase extensive onsite work will be conducted to correct onsite targeting, as well as URLs and category hierarchy.

  • Collections restructure (Over 90% of client projects required entire collections restructure) according to buyer search behaviour.
  • Improved use of Tags to benefit on second level hierarchy.
  • Crawlability and Indexability improvements.
  • Main menu improvements.
  • Robots and canonical tags alignment.
  • Structured data revision and possible enhancements suggestions.
  • H tags refinement across the site according to W3C conventions.
  • Collections content adjustment according to targeted traffic per page, applies to existing collections content only, if any.
  • Installing customized bot tracker to monitor bot activities for improving crawl budgets and indexing issues.
  • Ad hoc improvements based on website development practices.

A combination of onsite, offsite promotional strategies and consultancy services; which enable Megantic to become your trusted eCommerce advisers to ensure long term market share and revenue growth.

  • Monthly tracking and reporting.
  • Ongoing support to align with the latest SEO practices and trends.
  • Ongoing offsite content creation and promotions.
  • Google analytics and search console monitoring.
  • Actioning improvement on crawlability and indexing issues based on technical stats.
  • Analysing 301 redirects and ongoing index cleaning.
  • Website speed improvements where possible.
  • Optimising URL parameters for search engine crawling.
  • Ongoing crawl budget optimisation.
  • Event, E-commerce and goal tracking setup.
  • CTR monitoring and optimisation.
  • Expanding the “impressions ring” based on new product opportunities.
  • Ongoing internal linking.
  • Product pages optimisation for long tail search terms and conversions.
  • Basic best practice conversion rate optimisation.
  • Actionable items for improving average sale.
  • Internal team support for capitalizing on specific sales events.
  • Suggest brand building exercises focusing on branded search term trends.
  • Proposing blog & buying guide topics to utilise internal and external content marketing resources.


E-commerce Platform: Shopify

Elite Supps have 30 stores across Australia and provide an extensive range of supplements to help boost your health, fitness and well being since 2008. Their goal was to improve their Organic channel to reduce Ad spend in Paid campaigns which was fast increasing in Cost Per Acquisition. The Shopify Plus site had some strong rankings for product related searches, however; category segmentation had not been implemented yet. After conducting extensive research, our proposal recommended a huge increase in collections. The size of the product range demanded proper segmentation to provide an enhanced shopping experience through, hard coding SEO  friendly customised filters for mobile and desktop provided us with an edge not seen on any other Shopify Plus project before. Even after being affected by a core Google update (Medic) the site has been able to recover and grow stronger than ever in Organic search.

  • Extensive segmentation of collections.
  • Shopify SEO friendly urls.
  • Hard coding of sidebar filter for Mobile & Desktop.
  • Speed optimized filters.
  • Targeted meta data based on research.
  • Consistent link outreach.
  • Crawling and indexing enhancements.


  • Over 200 new collection based on customer searches.
  • 36% Increase in Users and sessions.
  • 32% Increase In Transactions
  • From 550 to 900+ Collections related rankings.
  • Full Google Medic update recovery.

Key Learning: *!

E-commerce Platform: Shopify

Tulio hit the market in 2014, establishing themselves online as a Ladies Fashion retailer. We started working with Tulio in 2018, commencing work on establishing a clear identity for the site and researching the market potential.

Our research into this market was exploratory and we uncovered many new ways users were searching to buy online. The data uncovered over 50 new categories to target and identified a plethora of search terms that the ideal customer was using. With the new research we were able to establish a clear identity and more accurately target a segment of the market, which is generally dominated by a few key players.

After completing the restructure in June 2018 and utilizing the data as our blue print for the campaign, daily impressions have more than quadrupled since the campaign began.

  • Comprehensive site wide research.
  • SEO market alignment.
  • URL restructure.
  • SEO friendly Shopify urls.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Monitoring and execution.
  • Ongoing consultation on growing the website and direction for targeting traffic.


  • Increased first page keywords from 300 to 800+
  • 4X increase in Sessions
  • 100% increase in New Users
  • 3X Revenue growth
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience.

Key Learning: *!

E-commerce Platform: Shopify

Wooden Wonderland specialize in providing children of all ages with high quality wooden toys for creating fond memories.  From educational toys, to creative pretend play wooden pieces sourced from trusted brands in the industry you’ll find a toy for your child within their range.  When Emma engaged Megantic in September 2017 the site had been plateauing and was missing a data driven strategy that incorporated a buyers behavior approach. After conducting extensive research and refining the findings with Emmas’ industry expertise, we established a collections structure that mapped the online demand with their supply. The next challenge involved utilizing our newly created SEO optimized collections for filtering through the product range for better conversions. A solution was specially created and has made a huge impact in conversion, rankings and visitors ever since!

  • Website identity alignment.
  • Extensive category segmentation.
  • URL structure optimisation.
  • Sidebar filtering by static collections.
  • Targeted meta data across all collections.
  • Improved crawlability & indexing.
  • Consistent Link outreach.
  • Onsite content creation consulting.
  • Technical monitoring and execution.


  • 100 New Collections.
  • Grew 1st page rankings to 800+
  • 47% Increase in Users and Sessions.
  • 37% Increase In Transactions Y on Y.
  • On track for a significant year growth.
  • Additional new website added for new SEO campaign.

Key Learning: *!


Kazari and Ziguzagu


Great Success

We've been with Megantic for 1 1/2 years and with great success. The team at Megantic rescued our site after we lost our search ranking due to web designers who didn't understand SEO and we've been gaining rankings and customers ever since. The team are always available to field questions and make all the technical terminology much easier to understand. I would recommend Megantic to anyone looking to increase their web traffic!


Wooden Wonderland


A good SEO company is truly hard to find!

A good SEO company is truly hard to find! However, once you engage Megantic you will soon discover that you have found that illusive needle in the haystack. I can trust them, I can see the results and I am comfortable paying the monthly invoice knowing it will generate clear and measurable results. Our Account Manager is amazing, his communication and assistance it top notch and upon reflection I cannot find a single fault with their service offering. Dealing with Megantic is one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had with a digital company. We have been a customer of theirs for a number of years and will continue to engage their services well into the future.


Natalie Peat


We saw great results

We saw great results in our SEO gowth almost immediately with Megantic, great team to work with and understood our brand and goals well.