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Dance Store began in 2006 after they identified a need in the Australian market for affordable dance-wear and shoes. They specialize in quality dance wear available from their online store for both retail and wholesale.


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We commenced work on Dance Store in January 2018, starting with research we identified a huge market that we identified could be targeted by opening up categories and segmenting the site. The data identified a market size of over 2 million monthly impressions for non branded organic terms.

Our Approach

After completely opening up the site, cleaning up the URL structure and implementing key targeting indicators for Google, we experienced an initial lift in rankings in the first months following the implementation.

  • Full market research
  • Implementing new product categorisation
  • Full site meta data completion
  • Ongoing technical onsite audits, analysis and research for further growth potential
  • Enhanced crawlability and indexing
  • Link outreach for priority categories
  • Ongoing consultation in sustaining current market position

Year on Year Results

This site has continued to gain momentum since we began work, hitting full stride relatively early on in stage three in August 2018 at around the four month mark – an exception to the rule, which demonstrates the power of properly segmenting a site for users.
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Dance Store
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