The extensive research will determine how large the customer driven demand is for your products and the size of the market. Our team will establish a percentage of your industry’s total market, and what are the realistic opportunities available for your business to access. In doing so, this becomes a blueprint of keyword opportunities for all your digital channels.

Total Market Approach


An eCommerce business that uses a typical hierarchy structure will only allow you to target a small percentage of the full market share. With Megantic’s untapped market and single click purchase strategy, we can position you for new relevant segments in the market. By opening new entry points your consumers with relevant buying intent will land on the most relevant landing page, hence better purchase experience, better conversions & better eCommerce metrics.

Our team will now focus on leveraging the research data to correct your hierarchy, categories, filters and over 35 critical elements to technically reconfigure your platform and its information architecture. By opening new entry points to your website, your consumers with try buying intent will land on the most relevant landing pages.

Better purchase experience = better conversion

We find new opportunities to put your products in front of customers

Here’s a quick example of how we were able to identify and implement more category pages that google will index and that customers will see significantly increasing all your digital metrics.


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We have had close to a decade of experience working on all of these and more with over 450+ past & current clients spanning 50+ industries and categories so our platform results are robust. If you would like to learn more about our experience and case studies please say hello!

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