Neto SEO Services

Utilize the NETO platform for SEO

Improve your long term targeting and online best practice to maximize industry market share and generate solid revenue. Implement our proven 3 stage buyer-centric methodology which has been created specifically for eCommerce businesses using the Neto eCommerce Platform.


Strategy and planning phase for your online success. Includes extensive research on market share potential, buyer search behaviour & category hierarchy recommendations based on your current product range.

  • Digital identity alignment and market positioning agreed with your internal team. NOTE: 90% of the NETO clients we get have misaligned identity and positioning.
  • Proposed website category hierarchy and filters based on your product range.
  • Confirm project feasibility through outlining full non branded organic market potential.
  • Discovering current search visibility.
  • Identifying project KPIs.
  • Forecast project milestones and expectations.

Development or consultation services to implement Google’s onsite guidelines & eCommerce best practice. During this phase extensive onsite work will be conducted to correct onsite targeting, as well as URLs and category hierarchy.

  • Category restructure (Over 90% of NETO projects required an entire category restructure) according to buyer search behaviour.
  • Crawlability and Indexability improvements, eliminating URL parameters that waste lots of crawl budget.
  • Main menu improvements.
  • Robots and canonical tags alignment.
  • Structured data revision and possible enhancements suggestions.
  • H tags refinement across the site according to W3C conventions.
  • Category content adjustment according to targeted traffic per page, applies to existing category content only.
  • Installing customized bot tracker to monitor bot activities for improving crawl budgets and indexing issues.
  • Ad hoc improvements based on website development practices.

A combination of onsite, offsite promotional strategies and consultancy services; which enable Megantic to become your trusted eCommerce advisers to ensure long term market share and revenue growth.

  • Monthly tracking and reporting.
  • Ongoing support to align with the latest SEO practices and trends.
  • Ongoing offsite content creation and promotions.
  • Google analytics and search console monitoring.
  • Actioning improvement on crawlability and indexing issues based on technical stats.
  • Analysing 301 redirects and ongoing index cleaning.
  • Website speed improvements where possible.
  • Optimising URL parameters for search engine crawling.
  • Ongoing crawl budget optimisation.
  • Event, E-commerce and goal tracking setup.
  • CTR monitoring and optimisation.
  • Expanding the “impressions ring” based on new product opportunities.
  • Ongoing internal linking.
  • Product pages optimisation for long tail search terms and conversions.
  • Basic best practice conversion rate optimisation.
  • Actionable items for improving average sale.
  • Internal team support for capitalizing on specific sales events.
  • Suggest brand building exercises focusing on branded search term trends.
  • Proposing blog & buying guide topics to utilise internal and external content marketing resources.


E-commerce Platform: Neto XL

Tentworld is Australias’ largest independently owned camping store with 13 great locations across the country. They work alongside a dedicated network of pure camping retailers, to feature one of the largest online camping stores in the country; offering personable customer service to match you with the right camping gear. Our challenge included increasing the SEO profile of an website that already had strong organic positions, in an industry heavily dominated by large corporate owned camping stores with huge marketing budgets.

Research was obviously the first step, this involved researching each and every category; mapping out existing categories relevant keywords and proposing new categories based on reach and existing product range.  The data identified a market size of over 2 million monthly impressions for non branded organic terms, which presented a feasible case for engaging in an enterprise level SEO campaign. After completing the restructure in November 2017 and utilizing the data as our blue print for the campaign, daily impressions have more than doubled to well over 6 figures over an 18 month period which continues to grow.

As expected the campaign hit full stride in September 2018, in time for the Summer and Christmas silly season; resulting in the Organic channel being the major contributor in online visits. Not only is the Organic channel the major contributor in online visits, but it is the main online gateway to encouraging in store visits  for high value products through the Stock In Store integration.

  • Extensive mapping of website categories.
  • Massive URL & category restructure.
  • Implementing targeted meta data based on market research.
  • Link outreach for supporting on site work.
  • Hard coding of side bar sub categories on desktop and mobile.
  • Enhanced crawling and indexability.
  •  Monthly site audit fixes.


  • Increased 1st page keywords from 7200 to 9500+.
  • X2 High volume keywords to 1000+
  • Improved buying experience.
  • 30% users and sessions growth Y on Y
  • Online store helps drive in store visits.

Key Learning: Research your target market and utilise your branded Organic to grow your non branded organic.

E-commerce Platform: Neto

MHA Products engaged Megantic in early 2017 to increase their Organic channel in an industry that was heavily targeted by major players.  The website required an alignment of their basic SEO elements and an enhancement of the shopping experience from both a mobile and primarily desktop approach for their B2B customers. The website had a diverse range of industrial grade materials and manual handling equipment that was not being utilised to their advantage to reach out to our target market. Our primary target were B2B accounts that had a need for specialised equipment and ensuring that our product range was properly segmented was a priority.

After extensively researching their product range, we set about implementing a category hierarchy based on relevancy and company priorities. The massive task of restructuring  categories while aligning existing ones was  finally completed in May 2017, in time for the EOFY. After implementing targeted meta data across the categories, rolling out a consistent outreach strategy and technical monitoring and execution, the campaign really started to take off in February 2018 , only 9 months after implementation. Consistent high levels of online transactions, emails and phone leads stemming from the website began to flow from both existing and new visitors. We were able to use Netos’ capabilities to enhance the shopping experience while aligning the on site work with their relevant target market.

  • Website category hierarchy alignment.
  • Category URL re-structure.
  • Category level shopping flow enhancements.
  • Increased lead generation channels for emails & phone inquiries.
  • Enterprise level alignment of onsite SEO.
  • Diverse outreach strategy.
  • Internal linking update and implementation.

2018 Vs 2017 OUTCOMES:

  • X2 User engagement.
  • 35% Increase in Sessions year on year.
  • 35% Increase in Conversion rate.
  • 85% Increase in Transactions.
  • Keyword growth from 300 to 600+ First Page rankings.
  • Enhanced shopping experience.

Key Learnings: Utilize your product range to align your website with your target market. Also clearly understand how the target market behaves on your site to improve conversions and leads. 

E-commerce Platform: Neto

OCAM Industries provide affordable quality aftermarket 4×4 accessories to every 4×4 enthusiast. When OCAM Industries started with us in January 2017, they were heavily dependent on Ebay for their online sales and growing their organic search channel was a priority. They had very little branded presence online outside of the Ebay space and had only moved to Neto just over 6 months earlier. We knew it would be a challenge to compete in space heavily dominated by brands that have been in the market for decades. This was also Peters’ first encounter with SEO and with that understanding we set about orientating Peter through the fundamentals, dedicating a monthly screen share catch up to ensure both parties truly understood each others businesses.  With  a market of almost half a million monthly impressions we set about aligning the website identity to  their product offering.

7 months after completing the restructure  in March 2017 we started seeing very positive movements. Utilising brand segmentation for vehicle models and makes, we have been able to achieve some amazing numbers through the joint effort from the OCAM team and our technical approach; with 2019 on track to smashing 2018 figures.

  • Extensive category segmentation by category, make and model.
  • URL restructure.
  • Product description consistency.
  • Clear product naming convention.
  • Star ratings on search at product and category level.
  • Custom Neto menu.
  • Ongoing consulting for branded organic growth.
  • Ongoing consulting for increasing product and GMB reviews.
  • Consistent link outreach.


  • X4 Page 1 rankings.
  • X5 Growth in Users over 2+ Years.
  • X4.5 Growth in Sessions over 2+ Years.
  • X4 Monthly Transactions over 2+ Years.
  • Grew brick and mortar stores from 1 to 3.
  • Vehicle make & model rankings.

Key Learnings: Grow both your branded and non branded organic concurrently and run a consistent campaign to achieve amazing results.

E-commerce Platform: Neto

LUX BMX is one of Australias’ leading online BMX stores with exclusive brands for both the casual rider and the BMX racer. Because of the strong brand association within the BMX community our approach incorporated both non brand and brand targeting. Mitch and the team at LUX had already created passionate customer base and connecting to new customers across Australia was the obvious next step. The site needed category segmentation to enhance the shopping experience and to create pages easily indexable by crawlers.  The Neto dynamic urls which were great for UX but were simply not effective for SEO targeting. Combining static urls into the filterable sidebar provided both an improved shopping experience and an strategy for growing the Organic channel.

As expected from an niche market project, the campaign started to see some real  progress 6 months after implementation; which has helped the Organic channel growth to this day.

  • Extensive category segmentation.
  • URL restructure.
  • Improvement in filtering for mobile and desktop.
  • Effective use of Neto sidebar.
  • Crawling & indexing optimisation.
  • BMX bike brand targeting.
  • Link outreach for priority categories.


  • 1800+ Page 1 rankings
  • X2 Top 3 rankings.
  • X2 Impression growth.
  • Enhanced shopping experience by bike brand.
  • Improved UX for mobile and desktop.
  • Substantial growth in Users and Sessions.

Key Learnings: When you think you’ve maxed out your Organic reach, take our research based approach to grow your Neto site.

E-commerce Platform: Neto

Dance Store began in 2006 after they identified a need in the Australian market for affordable dance-wear and shoes. They specialize in quality dance wear available from their online store for both retail and wholesale. We commenced work on Dance Store in January 2018, starting with research we identified a huge market that we identified could be targeted by opening up categories and segmenting the site. The data identified a market size of over 2 million monthly impressions for non branded organic terms.

After completely opening up the site, cleaning up the URL structure and implementing key targeting indicators for Google, we experienced an initial lift in rankings in the first months following the implementation. This site has continued to gain momentum since we began work, hitting full stride relatively early on in stage three in August 2018  at around the four month mark – an exception to the rule, which demonstrates the power of properly segmenting a site for users.

  • Full market research.
  • Implementing new product categorisation.
  • Full site meta data completion.
  • Ongoing technical onsite audits, analysis and research for further growth potential .
  • Enhanced crawlability and indexing.
  • Link outreach for priority categories.
  • Ongoing consultation in sustaining current market position.


  • Increased First Page keywords from 295 to 1,100+
  • Increased in Brand Awareness – 62% increase in Branded Search terms from Organic visits.
  • 121% Increase in Sessions – 2019 Vs 2018.
  • 130% Increase in Users – 2019 Vs 2018.
  • 130% Increase in Transactions Year on Year after restructure.
  • Added separate NZ website.

Key Learnings: Give your customers what they are searching for both onsite and offsite to align your website with your target market.

E-commerce Platform: Neto

When Aidacare engaged Megantic to improve their B2C side of the business they were relatively new to the SEO space. The project involved consultancy on selecting the right platform and optimising a site yet to built, for both SEO and E-commerce.  Utilsing the product range available on the Aidacare site, we set about researching an optimal structure and hierarchy based on their priorities for B2C customers. We were very clear that the Organic channel would need a minimum of 12 months before the project started to see positive results and a content strategy driven by internal industry expertise was needed.

  • Data driven categorisation.
  • URL hierarchy optimisation.
  • SEO friendly product naming conventions.
  • Consistent link outreach.
  • Crawling and indexing refinements.
  • Targeted meta data across all categories pre-launch.
  • Internal content creation consulting.


  • From 0 to 500+ first page rankings.
  • 1st Page Positions for: Mobility Scooter, Wheelchair, Mobility Aids, Aids For Daily Living, Walking Fram, Zimmer Frame and more.
  • X2 Growth in Users and sessions
  • 25% Increase in conversion rates
  • 145% Growth in transactions

Key Learnings: Don’t let an SEO Agency write your onsite blogs, use your industry expertise & knowledge to write targeted content to become an authority .




Mengatic is awesome

Our site was a mess from previous failed efforts from numerous companies over a 15 year period claiming to be good at what they do. It was one band aid after another put on and they were starting to come unstuck. Rankings were static for a while then started dropping. After spending 6 months looking around and asking other neto and none neto users we choose Megantic, it was a big decision as they were different in their approach than other companies out there. In saying that the recommendations and results people showed us were promising and we took the leap. I cannot say it has been an easy fix, work is still ongoing and very intensive for Megantic and myself, mistakes have been made along the way which was inevitable however they were fixed up instantly. These guys have been very easy to deal with, communication had been constant and I can always get hold of them when needed. Megantic did their product/industry research so well that they picked up a few product trends I had totally missed. I would have to say that if there are any future weddings in the Megantic family I would suspect these boys would now know more than there future partners about planning and decorating a wedding.


Michael Clark


Definitely recommend.....

With several businesses in both ecomm and offline spaces we have come across many operators for SEO, site design and adwords management. These are major elements of any business in todays playing field. In addition these are very difficult services to measure and easy for sales people to spruik. Often this results in overpriced under performing services. Megantic have delivered every step of the way by achieving multiple first page top 10 rankings. Some in competitive categories for more than 1 site in the category. My limited knowledge also allows me to understand there are no shortcuts taken and therefore little risk of negative effects from changes by the google gods. Price competitive, true value for money, honest and hard working business that gets the job done. First i have found or heard of in this space. Definitely recommend.....


Rod Webster


I'm convinced

I've been using Megantic for SEO for almost 18 months and they have done an amazing job, effortlessly doubling my sales in the first 90 days. Since then, we continue to improve our presence. What really convinced me to engage them was that I really liked their methodology and they were an ecommerce specialist. The proof is in the pudding and I've left my competitors for dust in terms of Google exposure and I seem to be banking the results.


Adrian Larocque


Talk to them today!

Megantic has been working with me for the last 6 months or so and the results have been dramatic. If you enjoy working with a company that have attentive staff that are friendly, open, and honest than Megantic is for you! Talk to them today!


David Hutchison


A great business with a great enthusiastic approach.

The team at Megantic have been helping us for quite some time and we have seen great improvements across the board. Harvey and his team are always there to help with any requests we have had. A great business with a great enthusiastic approach to helping our business grow.


Peter Pece Gorgievski


We are happy to recommend Megantic!

We've been working with Megantic for 6 months. So far, we're very pleased. The people are excellent to deal with, and results are on the board. We are happy to recommend Megantic!!


Colin Song


Highly appreciated.

thank you very much guys very profession to work with Matt


Nick Gu


Great service.

Great service. Nice person to work with. Helped us in all aspects including all the inquiries which are even not their duties.


Brad Pruscino


Well Done!!

We have been working with Megantic for about 9 months. They have been prompt, polite and professional the entire time from our initial conversations, through to our catchup meetings and whenever we have needed to call for some advice. Harvey, whom has looked after our account, has been fantastic – going above and beyond in helping us achieve a better performing website. He has been patient, explained concepts well, given us a realistic picture of the road ahead and keeps us informed of the results and progress of their work. To an extent Harvey has been like an extra staff member working behind the scenes with a common goal. Thank you Harvey and the team at Megantic for enabling us to execute changes we have always wanted to but never seemed to find the time to do. Well Done!!


Outback Exhausts


Great results in short time.

Only had these guys working on improving our traffic for a few months and we are already seeing improvements. They are very hard working, professional and produce great results. Overall the experience has been great so far and we are looking forward to what the future holds