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Pushys is Australia’s leading Online Bike Retailer selling top brand Road, Mountain and BMX Bikes, Scooters and more. With a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the area, Pushys pride themselves on quality service and advice for their customers. Even though Pushys were already a market leader, Megantic boarded Pushys with the aim to increase their online presence. This was an enterprise project with a massive product range and renowned brands.


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  • Total website re-categorisation.
  • Faceted navigation converted to useful user-centric static pages.
  • Multilevel structure implementation, unfortunately, needed to keep the .html as a page extension, which we don’t like!
  • Improved site crawlability and indexability.
  • Launched onsite projects to support our work and improve UX.
  • Backlink outreach to support the onsite work.
  • Aggregate category reviews for structured data markup in SERPS.

Our Approach

Their already established branding supported our strategy to implement our own approach. As always with large restructures, we saw an expected visible dip in the first 3 months while Google realigned page rankings. These numbers then started to recover and grow again, increasing even till this day.


  • Increased number of categories by 3 times through thorough market research.
  • Consistent organic traffic growth month on month.
  • First page keywords increased from 7,200 to 11,800 or total keywords growth to 37,000.
  • Started to rank on a lot of single word keywords which is usually a sign of achieving our “Domino Effect” in rankings.


Two years into the campaign, following amazing growth and exposure, Boardstore were able to afford and hire an in-house SEO, SEM, and EDM manager to handle multiple channels for them. Unfortunately for us, the internal resource was too good toms out on; but overall we were very happy for the client and with the campaign we had built. We had begun with very little organic presence and with a limited budget, however we were still able to achieve truly massive results. When it comes to your business and an SEO investment, we can operate with smaller budgets too, the whole process will just take longer to see rewards. Optimal budget for optimal results.


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