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Aidacare is the leading provider of ward based equipment and rehabilitation products to Aged Care facilities, Hospitals and Occupational Therapists as well as private retail clients in Australia. When Aidacare engaged Megantic to improve the B2C side of their business, they were relatively new to the SEO space. The project involved consultancy on selecting the right platform and optimising a site yet to be built, for both SEO and E-commerce.


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  • Data driven categorisation.
  • URL hierarchy optimisation.
  • SEO friendly product naming conventions.
  • Consistent link outreach.
  • Crawling and indexing refinements.
  • Targeted meta data across all categories pre-launch.
  • Internal content creation consulting.

Our Approach

Utilizing the product range Aidacare had available on their site, we began researching an optimal structure and hierarchy based on their priorities for B2C customers. We were very clear that the organic channel would need a minimum of 12 months before the project started to see positive results and a content strategy driven by internal industry expertise was also needed.

Year on Year Results

  • From 0 to 500+ first page rankings.
  • 1st Page Positions for: Mobility Scooter, Wheelchair, Mobility Aids, Aids For Daily Living, Walking Fram, Zimmer Frame and more.
  • X2 Growth in Users and sessions
  • 25% Increase in conversion rates
  • 145% Growth in transactions


Key Learnings: Don’t let an SEO Agency write your onsite blogs, use your industry expertise & knowledge to write targeted content to become an authority.

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