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MHA Products is a company with the largest range of manual handling and workplace materials handling equipment in Australia with an aim to reduce manual handling, boost productivity and ensure workplace safety. They engaged us in early 2017 to increase their Organic channel in an industry that was heavily targeted by major players. The website required an alignment of their basic SEO elements and an enhancement of the shopping experience from both a mobile and primarily desktop approach for their B2B customers. The website had a diverse range of industrial grade materials and manual handling equipment that was not being utilised to their advantage to reach out to our target market.


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  • Website category hierarchy alignment.
  • Category URL re-structure.
  • Category level shopping flow enhancements.
  • Increased lead generation channels for emails & phone inquiries.
  • Enterprise level alignment of onsite SEO.
  • Diverse outreach strategy.
  • Internal linking update and implementation.

Our Approach

Our primary target were B2B accounts that had a need for specialised equipment and ensuring that our product range was properly segmented was a priority.
After researching their product range extensively, we began implementing a category hierarchy based on relevancy and company priorities. The massive task of restructuring categories while aligning existing ones was finally completed in May 2017, just in time for the EOFY. After implementing targeted metadata across all categories, rolling out a consistent outreach strategy and technical monitoring and execution, the campaign really started to take off in February 2018 , only 9 months after implementation. Consistent, high levels of online transactions, emails and phone leads stemming from the website began to flow from both existing and new visitors. We were able to utilize Netos’ capabilities to enhance the shopping experience while aligning the on site work with their relevant target market.

Year on Year Results

2018 Vs 2017 OUTCOMES:

  • X2 User engagement.
  • 35% Increase in Sessions year on year.
  • 35% Increase in Conversion rate
  • 85% Increase in Transactions.
  • Keyword growth from 300 to 600+ First Page rankings.
  • Enhanced shopping experience.


Key Learnings: Utilize your product range to align your website with your target market. Also clearly understand how the target market behaves on your site to improve conversions and leads.

MHA Products

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