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29 April 2021 Blog Posts

5 reasons why we are fans of Neto

In our final instalment of our 3 part deep dive in the SEO potential of Neto we again explore another 5 reasons why we’re big fans of Neto- happy reading!

1. Parts Finder capability with indexing.

A parts finder is an amazing UX tool that allows users to quickly narrow down products using a selection of drop-down boxes. This is often used to help customers find automotive parts that fit a specific vehicle make/model/year combination but can be used in other instances like brand/category/subcategory. You have the ability to write custom meta data for these pages, which are internally linked in the html and you can manually submit them into Google’s index which gives you the opportunity to rank for highly relevant search terms.

2. Easy implementation of custom scripts for data tracking

Understanding your website’s analytical and behavioural data will help you gain important insights into your campaigns and measure success. With a full section dedicated to custom and 3rd party scripts, Neto makes it easy for you to implement website tracking codes and other custom scripts. Whether it is to set up Google analytics, e-commerce/event tracking, marketing programs or features such as chat software, it can be done all in one place. It also allows a quick way to remove unused 3rd party scripts, based on what the store does and doesn’t use to improve speed and code optimisation.

3. In-built 301 Redirecting Tool

When a URL changes from its original URL and is not redirected to its new URL destination it can cause broken links on your site and Organic search value can be lost. This can cause search engine rankings fluctuation, eventuating in poor user experience, loss of traffic and revenue in some cases. If for any reason you need to change a product or category URL, Neto makes it easy to handle with a simple check box. When selected it will automatically create a 301 redirect from old URL to new URL, saving you time and potential loss of organic search value. An export of this is also available for quick identification and removal of chain redirects.

4. Simple Backend for Internal/Marketing Team Management

With an easy to use backend, Neto will allow you to manage banners, content and marketplace feeds with ease for business marketing teams. Neto also has a native marketing section within the backend for those special discount codes, email marketing and advertising campaigns. Such ready to use functionalities help executing marketing campaigns seamlessly.

5. Extensive Online Community Hub and Support Network

One of the key benefits of using Neto is the extensive online community and support hub. There’s plenty of free videos and tech support articles to help troubleshoot any problems you encounter, but also, you’ll find many tips and general optimisations that can be made to enhance your website and SEO. The Neto HQ documentation available online is quite vast and in-depth, rivalling that of many other platforms. The step-by-step videos and screenshots make it easy for even novice Neto users, to be able to up-skill themselves and optimise their sites like an advanced user.

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