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12 April 2021 Blog Posts

As of late March 2021, Neto has been acquired by Maropost for $60 million. Maropost is known as one of the fastest growing marketing automation platforms, working with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, The New York Post and BioTrust. The recent acquisition is set to be a game changer with the expertise of Neto in managing portions and business scaling combined with Maropost’s ability to offer business solutions, customer acquisition and marketing and email automation. 

This acquisition is likely to solidify and expand Neto international market presence, resourcing and breadth of offering. Below we identify another 5 benefits of Neto eCommerce for organic search (SEO), a continuation from our Part 1 blog

5 benefits of Neto eCommerce for organic search

1. Fast Feed Setup & Maintenance For Paid Traffic & Marketplaces

Setting up Paid Traffic & Marketplaces such as Google Shopping or eBay with Neto is a quick and straightforward process and most importantly native and free. Using Neto’s integrated in-house add-ons, all you need is a Neto website and the respective Google or Marketplace account (i.e. Google Merchant Centre or eBay account). Additionally, Neto’s add-ons and integrations are well-documented and supported by the Neto customer service team.

Neto has guides for the setup and maintenance of each Paid Channel and Marketplace which allow for extensive customisation across each channel.

2. Ability To Optimise Sidebar & Facets

With the right coding, you can utilise Neto functionalities to create categories and use them in the sidebar as static URL filters with an optimised URL,Title, H1 etc which you can leverage in combined search. This also helps customers navigate through your categories and subcategories, which increase conversions, transactions & average order values. Implementing these optimised sidebars on desktop and mobile will help harvest traffic from all sources and improve conversion rates.

3. Flexibility To Build Logical URLS

Building logical multi-level parental directory structure at scale that is easy to crawl and comprehend by search engines. Automate URLs or select manually management of these to build the most logical URL structure for combined search. For example:

4. Brand & Sub Brand Tree Targeting

With the flexibility the platform allows, not only you can create the ideal category structure, but you can also leverage brand and sub-brand targeting. This extends your reach in targeting for both brands and categories. Usually targeting for brands and sub-brands is done through the Neto parts finder or the existing brands tree. 

For example, structuring the tree as /category/brand or category/subcategory/brand by using main categories functionality or you can utilise the brand tree functionality to achieve the opposite such as /brand/sub-brand/ or /brand/subcategory/. 

5. Native Blog Functionality

Another great way for your business to get your content out to users and customers. Neto has been able to add a native blog functionality within the backend similar to other blogging platforms giving the businesses a complete flexibility and opportunity to write fresh content on a regular basis. As this is native to Neto no external plugins and no extra management is required. It is there and available to use from the get go, however you will only need to create your blog template.

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