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Neto: Platform for growth [Part 1]

25 March 2021 Blog Posts

Why Neto Is ideal for scalable growth utilising combined search

Having worked on over 450 projects, Megantic is well placed to use our learnings to establish market insights and trends. Annually we collect and review data from our eCommerce clients on varying platforms across the industry in Australia to analyse the channel traffic distributions over a 12 month period.

Previously our findings have been validated by other industry heavyweights such as Search Engine Land. These research investigations are generally conducted in the UK and US market, however, surprisingly the findings were very similar to our own.
When collecting data to analyse the channel traffic distributions over a period of 12 months,
the data outlined a 72.4 % (51.83% Organic & 20.57% Paid) market dominance for combined search in Australia. While, according to Bright Edge the organic search channel contributes to 53% of the overall traffic and 15% of the traffic comes from paid search, where the combined search consists of 68% of overall traffic sources.

Megantic’s traffic distribution findings 2019

Megantic’s traffic distribution findings 2019

With this in mind, every eCommerce site has to be properly geared to cover both channels equally. Hence, the importance of choosing the right eCommerce platform is critically important for your online business success. Below we will outline NETO’s benefits and what makes it a unique platform to cover these two channels.

Independent Menu & Category

Too often the menu of a website dictates the website hierarchy. Businesses prefer ease of use shortcuts, however limiting your potential reach is never a smart solution. Most likely, on Neto we can custom build a menu to prioritize User Experience (UX) whilst maintaining best practice hierarchy that has been optimised to achieve excellent combined search reach and results. In addition, if you have a sale or new products to feature, the menu is a great place to showcase your offer. The menu is the most prominent aspect of your website, so utilise it properly.

Fast Execution

Neto’s platform allows for both CMS & Developers access to all sections which makes it quite independent and unique than many other platforms. From building special menus for different templates, to implementing ahrefs for multi national targeting with a few workarounds, as well as full on-page control of all elements. Combining this with other pre-available modules that are simple and easy to install, the control and market expansion for eCommerce is in the control of the owner, rather than being limited by the platform.

The biggest problems all SEO agencies face is executing technical fixes. The execution of such fixes is mandatory for successful organic search campaigns. If the agencies don’t have the resources and expertise to execute then they rely on third party developers. Neto is a great platform to execute findings without relying too much on developers which highlights the platform’s flexibility.

Template Control & Testing Environments Through NViews

Neto will allow you to duplicate your current theme/s to manage changes in a controlled environment, this duplication is called Nview and is limited to Home Page change and Navigation updates, great for businesses with new ideas for seasonal changes of their offerings and much more. This comes in very handy combined with menus to be able to see the changes (for UX vs Hierarchy) before it goes live.

Flexible Onsite SEO Optimisation For Information Architecture

One of the tactical advantages of Neto, is the ease of editing and optimising technical onsite SEO. Whether you’re on a product page or category page, all of the general onsite options can easily be optimised in a simple text box format. It’s possible to optimise the: page title, H1, meta-keywords, meta title and description and even canonical link – all from the one page by just scrolling down. The key benefit here is just how quick and easy it is to execute optimisation. When you launch a new category page, you can essentially go through and optimise the whole page in a matter of minutes all within the same section, all that’s left to do is refresh your cache via a single button click and then submit the page for indexing.
Additionally, for large scale projects Neto’s Export/Import files are more than amazing. You’re able to simply gather the data from your suppliers/Digital Agency, copywriters etc for most on-page elements, and bulk import it in one go.

Easy To Optimise Search Engine Index & Utilise Crawl Budget.

Neto offers a simple to use export of categories and products so you can easily see areas of the website which can be wasting crawl budget, are there duplications, categories with zero products inside – we can easily identify these areas that can be improved. Combining this functionality with in-house tools we’re able to quickly filter pages that waste crawl budget and provide no user value, as well as identify valuable pages that are not as often crawled by Google.


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