Obligation-free support

(One request per company):

1. Untapped Market Share Analysis

  1. Majority of websites target 20% or less of their total market share online, how much of the pie are you currently leaving on the table?
  2. Stack yourself up against your 2 top competitors online to see who is the online leader for Organic Search, the largest channel available to your business.

2. Site Identity Check

  1. Did you know most website’s are misaligned and as a result target the wrong audience which can significantly reduce marketshare? Find out how accurate your identity is and receive advice on the correct approach

3. Website Video Audit

  1. Personalised quick 5 minutes overview of our onsite best practices & market share.
  2. 5 business day turn around

4. Online Marketing Spend Health Check

  1. It is the best time to review your marketing budget and trim everything that is non-essential. Let us understand and review your current online spend (Adwords & Organic Search), so we can suggest/consult and utilise your marketing spend as much as possible. Instead of cutting services, use the same services for less and effectively.
  2. We will need access to your analytical tools, marketing costs, services engaged. We will need up to 7 business days, to execute an unbiased analysis and produce an overview of possible solutions based on the data

5. 10 Quick-win Self Implementable On-Site Actions

  1. We will engage the top management to analyse your site and provide meaningful actions that will help gain benefits in the current conditions. Our ultimate focus will be on your current traffic, UX and improve search engines experience. For this exercise to be executed we will need access to all analytical tools you currently have. We can engage our own proprietary tools where necessary.
  2. We will require up to 7 working days to produce the necessary reports and action plan. If you have a team to execute the proposed actions we can discuss this internally and try to find a solution on your behalf. At this stage, we need to all survive, so let us help you.

Paid Services

1. 3-month Quick Win eCommerce Program:

  1. Megantics client services team will analyse your site, systems and best practices to then roll out our COVID19 34 point, quick win strategy. Each program is tailored specifically to each clients requirements at the beginning of the process.

2. 50% Off Site Architecture & Total Market Share Services:

Discover your untapped market and find the right trends in the current conditions. Let us segment your website cohesively based on your customer searches, so your current traffic can befit while improving search engine experience.

Immediate Benefits Once Executed:

  • Digital Identity Correction
  • Improved Hierarchy
  • Most Neto Websites Benefit On CR Improvements.
  • Identify Current Trends For Immediate Action.

Long Term Benefits

  • Identify Growth Potential For Organic & Paid.
  • Unique Landing Pages For All Traffic Sources.
  • Improved Conversion Rates

3. Proven 3 Stage Methodology For The Neto Platform:

Our holistic strategy focuses on evolving the Neto platform in line with eCommerce SEO best practices and Google’s guidelines to maximise and secure organic search market share approach supported through our proprietary research platform.

Megantic is consistently delivering a 1:54 ROI for Neto specifically

4. Pre / Post Migrations

Have you just migrated platform and experienced traffic and revenue loss?

Are you planning on migrating in this market climate?

Do not risk it in such a business climate, we can offer a free overview and outline possible glitches and fixes, so you can fix or minimise the migration impact. We will need access to all your tools and website backend to check if everything is executed properly. We will analyse historical data, legacy URLs, 404 URLs, past platform to Neto execution etc.

Based on this analysis a customised action plan will be outlined and eventually executed on your behalf if you need help with executing the fixes. We want to help and provide as many insights as possible to minimise any negative impact from migrations. This will take up to 7 business days to create once we have access to the relevant tools.


  • Time will vary depending on resources availability.
  • We can only provide 1 offer per client.